Triple Threat - 3 Backpack Games - Pre-order

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Get all three of Fight in a Box's backpack games PLUS extras made for this Kickstarter. Each one features 3.5" x 3.5" cards and a tuck box with one of three box covers. 

Start your game night off with Squirrel or Die, then slide up the difficulty scale for Hedgehog Hop. When you get to Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber, things get practically diabolical.

Triple Threat includes:

  • Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber
  • Special Guests Expansion
  • Portrait of a Mastermind Expansion
  • Hedgehog Hop
  • Hedgehog Hop Promos: Purple Reign, Unicorn, and Zombie
  • Squirrel or Die
  • Squirrel or Die Promo: The Cat

*Ships after Gen Con 2021