Hedgehog Hop - Deluxe Edition

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In The Hedgehog Hop, you lead a hedgehog dance crew trying to win the Grand Finale!

As everyone knows, hedgehogs are very enthusiastic dancers, but they're adorably clumsy. Play the game by bumping your hedgehogs around the dance floor, encouraging them to make friends.

2-3 Players (up to 6 with 2 copies) | 12 Min | Ages 14+


The Deluxe Version of the Hedgehog Hop is our fanciest game yet!


  • 2.38"x2.38" acrylic tiles
  • Hand-printed Bag
  • Hand number (only 158 copies were made)

We sold most of these during our Hedgehog Hop Kickstarter and there a only a limited quantity left. Get your copies while you can!

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