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Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber & Expansions

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Release your evil genius in this mind-melting oddity.

A maniacal game of Cat & Mouse, Mazes & Mysteries! Each Character wins differently. The Mouse is trying to get the Cheese, the Cat the Mouse, the Cheese wants everyone to get along (They're neutral, they're Swiss), the Cucumber is evil and wants to trap them all together.

1-4 Players | 13 Min | Ages 14+ | Difficulty Level: Melt your brain

Special Guests
add surprises to the conveyor belt. Portrait of a Mastermind includes extra powers and match play. Only a limited number are currently available and they are only available directly through Fight in a Box.

Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber delivered a month early on its Kickstarter promise, and we want to thank all of our fans for making this game possible.