Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Art Novella - Lot #2

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The Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber art novella is the ultimate collector's item for fans of MCCC and Fight in a Box. 30 pages include an original narrative which explores the weird and wonderful world of McChanicle Corners along with art from the game and original pieces made specifically for this story.

  • Only 70 made 
  • Signed & numbered by the artist
  • More than just a book - it's multi-medium
  • Wax-sealed and packed from the McChanicle Corners Constabulary evidence locker

Lot #2
Lot #1 went to Kickstarter backers and there are only 13 copies available in Lot #2.
You will receive a random evidence tag number above #035 from the remaining editions.

Lot 3 may be made available in the future. No more copies of the novella will be made in this form!